Claudia Aguilera

Claudia is a quilling artist who creates elaborate scenes of nature by shaping and arranging tiny strips of paper. Having grown up in Mexico, she is inspired by the bright and bold colours of the city, yet her work generally depicts the peace and tranquility that Vancouver Island brings through flowers, plants, and other wildlife. Through her work, she has found peace, joy, healing, and confidence, and hopes that others can experience the same positivity when viewing her work.

Claudia’s work is available for sale at The Butterfly Gardens, The Abkhazi Gardens, and The Papery. Every year, she also participates in various craft fairs including Creative Craft Fair, First and Last Chance, The Commonwealth Craft Fair, and Gifts for Myself and Others at the DaVinci Centre. She also works by commission. Claudia’s work has travelled all over the world as her clients often represent our beautiful multiculturalism.

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